Posted by: Gábor | December 6, 2009

Large Book Sewing

Today we’ve started with the sewing of the pre-cut sheets. That means moving three signatures back to the first table and sewing the fourth, then moving back all signatures one by one and after collating the sheets into one signature, sewing them. This procedure felt to be a very quick process compared to our normal work when we need to cut and fold the six sheets before collating and sewing. Of course it was just a feeling our overall progress was the same at the end of the day.

If the afternoon we continued our work in the normal way: cutting, folding, slipping, collating, sewing.

This is when a very big surprise has come: unprinted pages on the roll. Two completely empty page where photos and text ought to have been. It was not indicated on our printing list where all printing errors are marked. Luckily we’ve found the good, replacement sheets after unwinding 38 square meters (409 square feet) of one side printed paper.

Progress: 192 done out of 336 pages (57%).

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